The second attractive aspect is the possibility of acquiring obje

The second attractive aspect is the possibility of acquiring objects of different dimensions: from small evidences to very large objects [14].The reference system is materialized onto the shoe soles themselves, by positioning some targets on them. Targets are placed irregularly at a maximum distance of about 15 cm on the soles. A first scan is performed to define the object bounding box and to calibrate the instrument according to the materials the soles are made of. A high accuracy acquisition is then performed. The instrument is able to compute its position in real time, by recognizing the targets it acquires while surveying the object: in this way acquired data are in real time aligned in a unique reference system, the one materialized on the object.

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The VI-Ts diagram determined by the scatter points of remotely sensed vegetation index (VI) and land surface temperature (Ts) has been widely used to retrieve information on the partitioning of available surface energy [1-3] and surface moisture status [4-9]. All these applications are under the condition of homogenous atmospheric forcing such as solar radiation and air temperature over a sampling window for defining a VI-Ts diagram, so the size of the sampling window cannot be too large. If the sampling window covers full ranges of land surface moisture (from dry to well-watered) and VI (from bare soil to closed canopy), the VI-Ts diagram typically represents a right triangle when canopy temperature is assumed to be equal to Ts of well-watered bare soil [2, 8, 10] (Figure 1).

The triangular VI-Ts diagram has been widely applied in previous studies [2-5]. The key point in these applications is how to define an ideal VI-Ts diagram, while the key point in the definition of the VI-Ts diagram is how to determine a dry edge in the VI-Ts diagram. Two automatic methods were proposed to define the dry edge in previous studies [5, 9, 11]. However, these two traditional methods require enough pixels that cover full ranges of land surface moisture and VI. Practically, it is difficult to find enough ideal pixels within a limited sampling Carfilzomib window, especially when using a satellite data with moderate / coarse resolution, such as 1 km MODerate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data. Generally, a natural land surface at the 1 km scale is usually a mixture of vegetation and non-vegetation Batimastat (water and soil). Since water and soil surfaces have similar properties of low VI value, water surface can be considered as soil surface saturated by water.

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