The Astrophysical Journal,677(1):607–615 Hoyle, F (1981) The b

The Astrophysical Journal,677(1):607–615. Hoyle, F. (1981). The big bang astronomy. New Scientist, 92:521–527. Jang-Condell,

H. and Boss, A.P. (2007). Signatures of planet formation in gravitationally unstable disks.The Astrophys. J. Letters, 659:L169–L172. Kadyshevich, E. A. and Ostrovskii V. E. (in press). Planet-system origination and methane-hydrate formation and relict atmosphere transformation at the Earth. To appear in Izvestiya, Atmospheric and. Oceanic Physics. Shmidt, O. Yu. (1949). Four lectures on the Earth-formation theory. Acad. Sci. USSR, M. (Rus.) E-mail: [email protected]​nifhi.​ac.​ru Formation of RNA-Oligonucleotides HKI 272 on the Mineral Surface Preliminary Irradiated by UV Light Otroshchenko V.A.1, Vasilyeva N.V.1, Styopina I.E.2 1A.N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry, Leninsky Prospect 33, Moscow 119072, Russia; 2M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State

Academy of Subtle Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia Probable source of organic molecules is perhaps the surface of mineral particles where the formation of an organic matter occurs Bromosporine order which then gets on a surface of planets. The volcanic activity on the ancient Earth, characteristic for many planets, was much more intensive, than now, so it is possible to assume, that in the top layers of an atmosphere owing to volcanic eruptions a plenty of volcanic dust (ashes), clay and gases has been concentrated. The opportunity of biologically significant biopolymers synthesis on a surface of particles of volcanic ashes, clay and SiO2, preliminary irradiated by UV light was studied (the solar spectrum was modeled). The results coincide with earlier obtained upon synthesis of oligonucleotide

molecules on a surface of particles of clays or SiO2: on irradiated by UV mineral surface the biologically important biopolymers (in our case—oligonucleotides) are formed. Now we have shown, that on the surface of particles of the volcanic ashes preliminary irradiated by UV light, there took place the formation of similar polymers from the adsorbed monomers molecules while in the absence of UV irradiation it did not occur. It has been revealed, that upon nucleosides monophosphates adsorption buy Rucaparib (which generation from water and gas under any energy exposure is possible in relevant conditions) on preliminary irradiated with UV light mineral surface, in some cases the formation of linear oligonucleotides occurs. The results, testifying that the amino acids adsorbed on preliminary irradiated mineral surface, also are capable to form polymers (peptides) are received. The assumption of the nature of the molecular mechanism, formed in these conditions biopolymers is put forward. Experimental check of this assumption is spent. Formed linear molecules (in our case—RNA and peptides) could play a corresponding role for evolution and formation of the Earth and prebiological structures. E-mail: AG-120 in vivo [email protected]​ras.

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