Commercial HUSY and NaY zeolites were supplied by GRACE Davison a

Commercial HUSY and NaY zeolites were supplied by GRACE Davison and Wako. Al-MCM-41 was synthesized according

to the reported method [12]. The N2 adsorption isotherms were measured at 77 K in an AUTOSORB-6 supplied by Quantachrome. Bleomycin The Si/Al ratio was measured by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) in a PHILIPS MAGIX PRO, model PW2400 sequential X-ray spectrometer. The acidity of the materials was measured by temperature programmed desorption (TPD) of ammonia, performed in a Netzsch TG 209 thermobalance. All materials were sieved to sizes lower than 70 μm prior to its usage. The physicochemical properties of the three materials are shown in Table 1. HUSY has the higher aluminium content (lower Si/Al ratio as seen in Table 1) and lower pore size (0.74 nm of diameter). Al-MCM-41 is a mesoporous material with a

pore size of 2.7 nm and a very high BET surface area. The acidity of these materials increases in the order NaY < Al-MCM-41 < HUSY, which, as expected, is in accordance with the aluminium content for Al-MCM-41 and HUSY. Ten commercial cigarettes brands were chosen among the best-selling brands in Spain in 2013. They were: Marlboro, Winston, Fortuna, Chesterfield, Ducados Rubio, Camel, L&M, Nobel, Lucky Strike and John Player SP. For privacy reasons in the following Figures and Tables, brands have been named with letters from A to J. As mentioned above, these brands were the object of a previous study comparing the yields of the Spanish commercial cigarettes. KU-60019 ic50 More details can be found in the paper published elsewhere [22]. Table 2 shows the more important design characteristics available of these cigarettes. All the filters were cellulose acetate tips. In order to allow the adequate comparison, 200 cigarettes of each of the ten brands considered were emptied and disassembled, and filters and papers were weighed separately. The mixtures tobacco + additive

were prepared by manually mixing the required amount of powdered additive with the amount of tobacco contained in each cigarette to make Racecadotril a mixture of 4% mass of additive. 0.1 g of ethanol (99.9%. AnalaR NORMAPUR, from Prolabo) were added to wet the tobacco and assist in mixing the tobacco with the additive. Ethanol was evaporated prior to the refilling of the cigarettes. All the experiments were triplicated and Table 3 shows the average mass fraction of additive in the mixtures studied among other parameters. The refilled cigarettes were kept at 23 °C and 60% relative humidity for at least 48 h. Five cigarettes were simultaneously smoked in each run and at least three runs were carried out for each cigarette brand. The smoking regimen was selected according to the specifications of the ISO 3308 standard, with the difference that, as in the previous study and for the same reasons commented therein, 8 puffs were always taken.

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