Many studies exposed that a substantial number of doctors perceiv

Many studies exposed that a substantial number of doctors perceived their own competencies as inadequate.13-15 LaCombe,16 identified that actual teaching at the bedside with emphasis on history taking and physical diagnosis has declined from 75% in the 1960s to 16% in 1978 and even lesser today. Therefore, the questions

of how important the clinical teaching is, and why it declines arise. The purpose of this review article is to highlight three major areas: first, to reinforce the importance of teaching at the bedside, Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical second, to identify the major issues or Antidiabetic Compound Library cell assay reasons for the decline of bedside teaching and third, to prescribe the strategies and newer models or approaches of bedside teaching that might help prepare future competent medical practitioners. Methodology The literature search on bedside teaching was carried out using PubMed, Ovid, ProQuest, and ERIC databases Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical between the year 1980 to 2009, and selected papers were retrieved. The literature search was performed based on the salient key words; ‘bedside teaching, importance of bedside teaching, issues in bedside teaching, strategies in bedside teaching, new models in bedside teaching, Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical patient based teaching and clinical teaching.’ All searches

were limited to English language publications. Publications that related to search elements were retained. Unreferenced and unrelated articles were excluded. All other articles and books referred to in this review were cross-checked for consistency. Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical A quality analysis was performed to investigate the concepts, importance, problems

and the strategies to overcome those problems in bedside teaching. The Importance of Bedside Teaching By providing a chance for asking relevant question to obtain history and develop physical examination skills in a sympathetic manner, teaching Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical at the bedside presents an excellent opportunity for the modeling of professional behaviors. It provides active learning in real context, observes students’ skills, increases learners’ motivation and professional thinking, integrates clinical, communication, problem solving, decision making and ethical skills, and improves patients’ understandings.1,2,17,18 Bedside teaching allows direct feedback, which strengthens learning, from the patient.19,20 It also offers an opportunity for learners to observe and learn a humanistic approach from an experienced clinician.7,19,21 through The clinician-teacher is able to demonstrate the role modeling of skills and attitudes, which are vital but difficult to communicate with words. Reasons for Declining Bedside Teaching The most important reasons for the decline of bedside teaching are time constraint due to pressure to see more patients with increased record keeping, shortened hospital stays of patients,22 and preceptors’ worry about patient comfort.

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